Zebbie shares his vulnerability with his Moo Moo

I created this little video while playing around with Go Animate. While the video is a little silly, hopefully one can see the potential benefits of reframing our reactivity, one’s own and one’s partners, as being primarily a consequence of our underlying vulnerable feelings when we feel disconnected from our partner….BECAUSE BEING CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER MEANS SO MUCH THAT BEING DISCONNECTED REALLY HURTS (BOTH OF US)!!

Zebbie: “Moo Moo, thank you for agreeing to meet me. I know I’m not your favorite Little Zebbie these days.

Mary: “I have been wondering where you have been.

Zebbie: “I want to tell you something important. Are you ready?

Mary: “Am I ready? You are scaring me. Go on, out with it.

Zebbie: “Mary.

Mary: “Oh, it is serious. You are calling me by my real name.

Zebbie: “Moo Moo, this is hard for me to say.

Mary: “Okay. I’ll listen.

Zebbie: “When we are fighting, I see you as being a mean and selfish person. I am angry and frustrated with you in these moments. That’s why I blame and complain about you.

Mary: “Really? You called me out into the middle of the Savannah to tell me that? This just sounds like what you usually tell me.

Zebbie: “No, there’s more. Underneath my blaming and complaining, I feel I am no longer accepted and heard and …

Mary: “Yes?

Zebbie: “I feel sad and powerless because our relationship is important to me. I hate being disconnected from you and I really hate fighting with you because deep down inside, I feel hurt. I mean ..
Mary: “What? You have never told me this before. Who taught you to talk like this?

Zebbie: “I am serious. I feel unseen and unloved sometimes and I see myself as undesirable and unattractive when we are fighting or any time I think you are disappointed in me.

Mary: “Oh, Sweetie. I never heard you speak like this. I could really get into this new, vulnerable you. It’s good to know how much I mean to you. I love you. Let’s go to the watering hole.

Zebbie: “Amazing. I thought you would laugh at me. Figs was right, sharing my vulnerability really is better than getting angry and blaming you when I am upset. I’ve met with Figs a few times over the last month, a Therapist and Relationship Expert in San Francisco. He helped me see when I am fixated on your behavior and being reactive.

Mary: “How would therapy with fruit help you access your emotions? A bunch of Figs can help break pattern reactivity and blaming others when you are feeling abandoned or rejected. Are you okay? Do you need to lie down in the shade?

Zebbie: “Figs is a nickname. He is a silly accented Irish guy. His real name is too hard to pronounce, but it is besides the point. The important thing is I now see sharing my feelings helps you know you really are important to me. I lose track of how much our relationship means to me and how much I am hurting inside. I also don’t notice how my blaming and complaining just makes things worse.

Mary: “May I hug you? I promise to be careful my tusks do not scratch your sweet and vulnerable underbelly. You will always be my Little Zebbie and I want to comfort you when you feel sad and powerless.

Zebbie: “Thank you for hearing and accepting me. It makes me feel loved and seen. I love you, too. Being close emotionally is the best. Last one to the watering hole is a hyena.

Mary: “Trump, trump, trump. I feel so good. I always want to have you by my side, Little Zebbie.

Zebbie: “That is music to my ears. I am so happy I get to be with you, too, my Lovely Moo Moo.