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Meet the Empathi Team

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“We´re Figs and Teale, the founders of Therapy with Figs and our sister company Empathi. We´re also husband and wife, so working on relationships is not just a job, it´s our way of life. We´re dedicated to making sure everybody gets the support they need.

“We´re Figs and Teale, the founders of Empathi. We´re also husband and wife, so working on relationships is not just a job, it´s our way of life. We´re dedicated to making sure everybody gets the support they need.

Schedule a free, confidential consultation today. One of our highly qualified counselors will learn what´s happening with your relationship, then come up with a support plan to meet your particular needs.”

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The Therapy with Figs Team

Fiachra "Figs" O'Sullivan

Founder of Therapy with Figs, Chief Empathi Officer of Empathi, Husband, dad, wounder-healer and featured on NPR´s All Things Considered as a champion for healthy relationships.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, certified in EFT for couples. He´s the creator of the Empathi method and the certification process for Empathi coaches. His life´s mission is to help couples feel more connected.

Teale Taxis

Marriage & Family Therapist #100084 Wife, mother, artist and passionate advocate for love relationships.

Teale has a special focus on cultural sensitivity, parenting, and how to prevent and repair affairs and other relationship injuries. She loves working with people to facilitate their greater sense of self-acceptance and capacity to experience joy and connection.

Romona Mukherjee

MEd, Licenced Professional Counselor LPCC#4893

Dancer, yogi, and evolutionary guide. Romona is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a degree from Columbia University and 10+ years of experience as a mindfulness-based psychotherapist in NYC and now the San Francisco Bay Area. Her mission is to help individuals evolve into their fullest selves, and couples evolve into their best relationship.

Ford Peck

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #116677

A gentle man who walks the talk, a loyal long-time partner in a committed relationship. Ford is a certified teacher and senior trainer in iRest, helping train other therapists in this somatic healing practice. He is also certified in yoga therapy and SHEN therapy for emotional healing. Ford's passion is helping clients find fulfilling connection with themselves and in their relationships.

Karen Gordon

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor Lic. #3801. Supervised by Fiachra Figs O’Sullivan LMFT #79062

Karen is skilled at helping couples understand the painful cycle of conflict they’re stuck in and guiding them back to safety, connection, and love. She is known by her clients for offering direct and honest feedback with love, warmth, and humor. Karen specializes in working with couples and individuals dealing with relationship issues. She is trained in Gottman Couples Therapy and has intensive training in EFT for Couples.

Lauren Williams

Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker #81580

As an individual and couples therapist, Lauren collaborates with clients in the brave work of tuning into underlying feelings to facilitate authentic connection and a sense of being more fully alive. Lauren brings openness, curiosity, and genuineness to her therapeutic work and is sensitive to each client's unique needs and life experiences.

Stefanie Bond

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #110271. Supervised by Teale Taxis, Licenced Marriage & Family Therapist #100084

Artist, animal lover, and impassioned mentor. Stefanie’s calling is to guide others in building greater capacities for challenging emotions so their lives can pulse with vitality and relationships thrive with connection. She completed the Somatic Experiencing Practitioner training, an effective mind-body approach aimed to improve symptoms of trauma and stress. Trauma, addictions and physical syndromes are some of Stefanie’s notable specializations.

Joanna Calabrese


Relationships are a mirror, portal, and cauldron to Joanna, who believes a little bit of work can lead to transformative relief within a relationship. She is a skilled supporter who has personal experience with monogamous, polyamorous, and open relationships. Joanna is trained in a range of therapy approaches, but most of all, she is known for bringing mindfulness and an attitude of gratitude to her work with clients. Formerly a political advocate, Joanna now advocates for people like you, seeking the love they desire.

Ben Murphy

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LMFT# 87265

Ben is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and CATC Certified Addiction Treatment Specialist. Ben has extensive experience and passion for helping individuals and couples overcome painful habits and patterns, in order to move into lives of greater joy and fulfillment.
Ben first owned a life coaching company in Santa Barbara, California where he worked to help people develop, clarify and achieve their goals. Going on to become a licensed psychotherapist Ben has passion for both helping people achieve their outer goals in the world and to heal and grow their emotional lives so they can experience new levels of personal freedom, fulfillment and love.

Justin Schreiner

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist
AMFT #118938
Supervised by Teale Taxis, LMFT #100084

Relationships have the ability to present us with challenges, and for this reason they also have the ability to be our greatest teachers and catalysts for growth.
A student of life and of her own partnership spanning over a decade, Justin is a lover of music, nature, food, learning and connection.
She enjoys working with couples from diverse backgrounds and of diverse configurations to uncover the cycles that generate conflict and disconnection between them. She utilizes an EFT attachment framework to help couples fundamentally shift their perspectives in order to experience a deeper sense of safety, freedom and connection with one another.

Iliana Paola Domínguez

Licensed Psychologist in Mexico
Supervised by Fiachra Figs O’Sullivan LMFT #79062

It's tough to see couples who really love each other fall apart just because they don't have the insight they need to make it work. That's why Iliana works heart-to-heart with individuals and couples, in English or in Spanish, to help them deeply connect to themselves and others.
Using the Emotionally-Focused Therapy model, Iliana leads individuals in navigating their inner world and helps partners understand and see each other so that they can rebuild the trust, safety, and love they both long for.

Dr. Ali Dubin

PsyD,CPC, AMFT #106098,
Supervised by Fiachra Figs O’Sullivan LMFT #79062

Ali is a warm, compassionate, and loving therapist. She is an expert in working from an Attachment lens with all types of couples and families as well as parent-child relationships. Ali got her master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy (‘97), her doctorate in Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy (‘18), and has continued her life-long love of learning with postdoctoral master-level training as an Emotionally Focused Couples (EFT) therapist. Ali is also a parenting educator and for over 30 years she has worked with families with someone who identifies as LGBTQIA+ and all the issues relating to coming out, questioning your gender/sexuality, as well as dealing with the disenfranchised grief one may have when a loved one comes out.

Raphael Barker

LMFT# 123865

EMDR-trained Marriage and Family Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Happily married father of two. Raphael loves helping people get more intimately connected by helping them work through emotional and traumatic blocks. His own long-term relationship has been aided greatly by Emotionally Focused Therapy and he wants to share the benefits of being more insightful, honest, and compassionate in relationships. He has worked with several different configurations of relationship with the focus on creating security, care and safety. By helping couples relate to each other more effectively, it has ripple effects on their children; friends; extended community. The stronger we are together, the easier the travails of life are to face.

Kristin Herbert

AMFT # 124146

Kristin Herbert enjoys collaborating with couples and individuals as they work to understand their patterns, expand their sense of agency, and build lives and relationships that are coherent with their values and priorities.
With profound respect for the universal importance of belonging and feeling understood, Kristin supports people as they learn to use their emotions to guide them into deeper, more secure connections with themselves and one another.

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Figs is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, #79062, a Relationship Coach and the Founder of Empathi.com.


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