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Marriage counseling is my specialty. I love helping spouses move from disconnection and stuck places through a process that brings them back into connection with each other.

Marriage takes work; there is just no getting away from that fact, no matter what fairy tales we wanted to believe when we first met. If you love each other enough to get married, hopefully you also love each other enough that your feelings will be hurt by each other from time to time.

So do the work; attend to your marriage’s emotional bond. You need to get on the same team to work together against your common enemy, which is the negative cycle that you create together. The hardest part is getting started. Reach out for a free consult.

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We offer marriage counseling online/virtually, too. Post-COVID, the last thing you and your spouse should worry about is getting to our office on-time. Online marriage counseling (on Zoom, Skype, etc.) is very effective, especially if both of you are in the same room during our session. All we'll need is decent audio and video quality.

By the way, in my mind, I use the terms couples counseling and marriage counseling interchangeably. Sometimes people ask me if I only see married couples. Of course not! I see any pairs of people who are important to each other, whether you refer to each other as spouses, loves, or partners. It can even be colleagues or siblings, or adult children and their parents—I’m happy to work with any two people that really want to better understand their relationship and work together to feel more bonded and closer to each other.


Figs is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, #79062, a Relationship Coach and the Founder of Empathi.com.


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