Relationship Issues

File_001We are hardwired to be connected with a primary other from cradle to grave. In other words – love matters to all of us! There is a reason why all the pop songs are always harping on about love. So this biological hardwired interdependence means that when love or relationship is not working out in a manner we longed for – it is a big deal, resulting in suffering, pain, sadness, frustration, feelings of low self esteem, lack of productivity in other areas of life and more.

Whether you feel lonely or feel your partner is always disappointed in you, or you are longing to find someone to connect with and trying to navigate the dating scene I can help guide you through the often confusing maze of love, help you make sense of yourself, other people and of relationship in and of itself.

Other Issues

Trauma Counseling and Therapy Services

Post-traumatic stress and unresolved grief can have a lasting impact on personality, relationships, worldview, and self-esteem.

The original wounding and the feelings experienced through time can lead to distortions in perceptions about ourselves and the people around us through meanings and conclusions we’ve derived, which only create more moments within ourselves and others where these feelings and perceptions are triggered.

Thus the cycle of pain continues as we experience a re-wounding, whether this occurs consciously or not. Breaking this cycle requires a process of gentle, mindful, and kind exploration of your moment-to-moment awareness. Your healing process is trying to happen. If you can slowdown, listen, and let your process organically unfold amazing shifts can and will happen. Think of me as your midwife for healing process.

If you would like to restore your hope and trust, foster an inner environment of acceptance rather than torment, reduce subconscious drives toward re-experiencing traumatic activation, and live with renewed freedom, rather than a life restricting fear-based existence, psychotherapy can help you find the key to healing trauma and installing hope.

As a psychotherapist dedicated to mindfulness, body-awareness, and attachment theory I aim to provide a safe and supportive space for your healing to unfold. One cannot change difficult or traumatic events of the past, but together we can work to better understand, resolve and transform current life challenges. Mindfulness techniques with attachment and somatic therapy approaches and techniques can help you explore long-standing behavior patterns and deep seated beliefs that are no longer serving you. You can live more fulfilling and meaningful life!

If you’re looking for support and guidance through a challenging situation or you feel the time has come to lean into the possibility of transformation, I am here for you and look forward to your call.

Anxiety Treatment and Counseling

A small amount of anxiety over a short period of time (or related to a particular event) can bolster performance, keep us focused, and motivate us toward excellence. But when anxiety becomes chronic, debilitating, and locks us away from enjoyment of everyday tasks and ever feeling truly at ease, it is time to learn some new tools and open to what the true basis of our fear is (which is something medication alone cannot do).

Whether it’s panic attacks, night terrors, social anxiety, or excessive worry, research shows that psychotherapy is an empirically-proven strategy to effectively treat symptoms of anxiety. Having a professional listen and reflect back the stressful thinking patterns that underlie many symptoms of anxiety can bring about positive change, and you can begin to feel in control of your mind instead of the other way around.

Depression Treatment and Counseling

In the emotional landscape of every life, there are peaks and valleys – natural places we arrive at defined by the highness of joy or the lowness of sorrow. But for some, the lowness is unrelenting. Do you feel forever locked in a valley, unable to find a way out of the feelings of disinterest, inadequacy, and darkness?

Psychotherapy is a proven method to bringing down those blocks that keep you locked away from the life you want to lead, the relationships you want to foster, and the bliss you want to revel in. By creating safety and undoing aloneness, the ritual of meeting with a therapist when you are experiencing depression in and of itself represents an opposite action away from what your emotions are informing you, and towards actively creating a new felt sense.

Exploring unresolved issues, whether from early family dysfunction or unexpressed pain, can bring about the integration needed to move forward as more than just the walking wounded – as the hero you are in the narrative of your life!

Being more yourself

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to be experiencing catastrophe nor be a trauma survivor to seek psychotherapy. Perhaps you are just looking to deepen the relationship with yourself, to bring down those barriers that keep you from living your life to the fullest, and to fully realizing your potential.

Perhaps you’ve come up against a scenario in your life presently that is acting as a spiritual grindstone – honing you to your finest brilliance, yet providing painful friction as your view of the universe and your place in it is shifting?

Perhaps it is time to gift yourself with the time and space to be witnessed with unconditional positive regard and supported with the tools of emotional archeology as you dig deep and excavate the inner workings, asking questions and seeking parts or aspects of yourself previously left unearthed.

We all have a deep inborn desire to not just live, but to flourish. Making the investment to explore questions about legacy, mortality, spirituality, and purpose may have a profound return.


The first step on the road to increased confidence and self-esteem is self-acceptance. How difficult it can be to extend the same grace inward that we extend outward to so many people and projects in our lives!

The evolution of your self-concept began in childhood, and in your early experiences of acceptance versus rejection and mastery versus failure. You carried this internalized narrative about who and how powerful you are into adolescence, where societal and social pressure made any deviation from what is generally accepted as “normal” the impetus for exclusion and isolation.

When we allow ourselves to be seen only through others’ eyes, we allow ourselves to be defined by labels or criticisms that are historic and inaccurate. The truth is we are all unique, flawed human beings with complex struggles, shortcomings, triumphs, and talents.

Psychotherapy can provide a new mirror through which to view yourself free of any old stories or misperceptions when the one we’ve been using is damaged.

Your playing small does not serve the world…
And as we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear,
our presence automatically liberates others

— Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love


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