Built For Love

In this video, Figs goes back to the basics and answers the question what is love? Certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (a clinical approach founded by Dr. Sue Johnson), Figs shares the Attachment Theory perspective on this big question. Love is an emotional bond that we all need. Simply put, we are biologically wired to need to be emotionally bonded and connected. Figs also references John Bowlby the father of attachment theory to emphasize this very important fact: “When it comes to love, you’re still a baby and your partner is still a baby because this need for emotional bonding with a primary other is a “cradle to the grave” experience.” Figs kindly cautions us from confusing the idea of being childlike in love with being childish. “Don’t use the information to judge yourself or your partner.” Fighting in relationships is really just protest behavior against feeling disconnected from the one we love. Parking tickets, sex, money….these aren’t the real problems in a relationship.