What’s a Fight?

What’s a Fight? Moments of conflict don’t mean that therea��s something wrong with you or your relationship. In fact, they show you how much you both need each other in order to feel at ease in the world.     … Read More

Considering Couples Counseling? 5 Things to Look for in a Therapist

5 Things to Look for in a Couples Therapist The majority of us fall into love with nothing more than the instincts of a newborn infant: a�?I need you! Love me this way!a�? And then we pledge to love and … Read More

Ben and Jen in Love

Figs returns with his third installment of the a�?Who Are You in Love Seriesa�?. This time, he is joined by couple a�?Ben and Jena�? and their 4 week old baby in arms. A�Together they vulnerably open up to the deep … Read More

Waiting For Ramen

Figs and Teale are 10 days past their due date, anxiously awaiting the home birth of their second child, Kian. Together they share their vulnerabilities and experiences during this time while also waiting for their favorite San Francisco Friday night … Read More

Figs & Teale PreBirth Part 2

Todaya��s episode highlights the important and final prebirth check in with Figs and his pregnant wife Teale. As a follow up to their first pre-birth episode (released 5/23/2017), the two sit down together one last time to share and understand … Read More

Emotional Bonding Styles

a�? a�?In short, love is an emotional bond. Ita��s not optional; ita��s part of our biology,a�? affirms Figs in todaya��s episode about Attachment Styles. Have you ever thought about how wea��re a�?uselessa�? when wea��re born? We cana��t do anything for … Read More

Ben Reebs In Love

a�?Shame biologically speaking is this momentary message that you have to stop paying attention to what youa��re paying attention to.a�? – A�Fiachra a�?Figsa�� Oa��Sullivan   Portland based naturopathic doctor, Ben Reebs, joins Figs as the second guest in the a�?Who … Read More

Birth Prep with Figs & Teale

Figs sits down with his pregnant wife, Teale (due in 3-5 weeks!) and together they share a special, intimate chat to prepare for the birth of their second child, Kian! Figs asks Teale three questions. These can be applied to … Read More

Built For Love

Today, Figs goes back to the basics and answers the question what is love? Certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (a clinical approach founded by Dr. Sue Johnson), Figs shares the Attachment Theory perspective on this big question. Love is … Read More

Marisa Goudy in Love

In hisA�debut episode of the a�?Who Are You In Lovea�? series, Figs interviews Marisa Goudy. Marisa is a writer, magic maker, and storytelling coach living in the Hudson Valley of New York with her husband and kids. On her experience … Read More