Ben Reebs in Love

“Shame really biologically is this momentary message that you have to stop paying attention to what you’re paying attention to.” – Fiachra ‘Figs’ O’Sullivan

Portland based naturopathic doctor, Ben Reebs, joins Figs as the second guest in the “Who Are you in Love” series. As a fellow healer, Ben helps his patients restore their bodies, awakening them to the “innate healing mechanism that we all have.”

In this video, Ben shares his most vulnerable moments and mistakes in love, from the “trail of wreckage” behind him, to the “beautiful sky” that awaits ahead. The conversion runs deep, acknowledging the dark and light of intimacy in all relationships.

Figs asks a couple of key questions that are worth exploring in your own relationship:

“Is there an image or place that captures love for you?”
“Do you have a sense of your go-to judgements in relationship?”
Ben answers with an honesty and authenticity that all listeners can relate to and encourages everyone to share by admitting that “expressing vulnerability inspires.”

Reminder from Figs: No one said it would be easy to be someone’s primary attachment figure. So have some empathy for yourself.