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Birth Prep with Figs & Teale
Figs sits down with his pregnant wife, Teale (due in 3-5 weeks!) and together they share a special, intimate chat
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Built For Love
Today, Figs goes back to the basics and answers the question what is love? Certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
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Marisa Goudy in Love
In his debut episode of the “Who Are You In Love” series, Figs interviews Marisa Goudy. Marisa is a writer, magic
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The Magic is in the Repair
On today’s episode, Figs welcomes a very special guest, Teale Taxis, aka the better half in Figs’ marriage. Teale is
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Be The One You’ve Been Waiting For
Relationship expert and couples therapist Figs O’Sullivan gives husbands and wives a resource to feel more connected in their marriage
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Want to stop fighting and start connecting?

Relationship expert and couples therapist, Figs O'Sullivan, shares his favorite tools and resources every Tuesday on Empathi with Figs. Through stories, self-inquiry and guest interviews, Figs chats about love, marriage and conflict, reminding us that we don’t have take this emotional stuff so seriously all the time.