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Birth Prep with Figs & Teale

Figs sits down with his pregnant wife, Teale (due in 3-5 weeks!) and together they share a special, intimate chat to prepare for the birth of their second child, Kian! Figs asks Teale three questions. These can be applied to … Read More


Built For Love

Today, Figs goes back to the basics and answers the question what is love? Certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (a clinical approach founded by Dr. Sue Johnson), Figs shares the Attachment Theory perspective on this big question. Love is … Read More


Marisa Goudy in Love

In his debut episode of the “Who Are You In Love” series, Figs interviews Marisa Goudy. Marisa is a writer, magic maker, and storytelling coach living in the Hudson Valley of New York with her husband and kids. On her experience … Read More


The Magic is in the Repair

On today’s episode, Figs welcomes a very special guest, Teale Taxis, aka the better half in Figs’ marriage. Teale is also a San Francisco based Couples Therapist and the mother of their 3 year old daughter. She is due with … Read More


Be The One You’ve Been Waiting For

Relationship expert and couples therapist Figs O’Sullivan gives husbands and wives a resource to feel more connected in their marriage on Empathi with Figs. No matter how strong we are, when it comes to love there is a part of … Read More


I Don’t Treat “Patients”

I Don’t Treat “Patients” It’s true that I’ve been practicing psychotherapy for years, but I have never, ever seen a patient. It’s just not how I view the people who come to me for help. They aren’t sick with a … Read More

A husband embrace her sad wife, in dark background theme

Stop Asking for Your Needs to Be Met

Stop Asking for Your Needs to Be Met One bit of advice that has emerged from the last 50 years of the personal development movement is to ask for our needs to be met. As a therapist, it drives me … Read More

Free Relationship Tips Emailed to You

There is Hope for your Relationship! Sign up now and receive free relationship tips emailed directly to you. We all long to be loved — to snuggle under mother nature’s security blanket (our ability to emotionally bond with another). The … Read More

Ass picture

Sometimes You’re an Asshole

When our partner behaves like an ass, we think they should own their wrongdoing and deliver an apology forthwith — preferably carved in stone and mounted on a plaque for all to see. That seems fair. I mean, we just … Read More

Love Matters - Figs Intro Video

Love Matters!

Love Matters! I made this video to give prospective clients, and anyone curious about attachment focused couples therapy, a chance to get a taste of how I, and others like me, help people feel more connected in their relationship. I … Read More